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Hi friends,

This website is to share with you all some of my experiences and moments from life.. woven into some blogs, some pictures, some films and some music and I often keep sharing these experiences on the BLOG page out here on this site. Sometimes these experiences have a flavor of art and sometimes that of engineering! And sometimes it is just about being oneself – meditativeness! Oh yes, there’s some healing music as well available here .. at the MEDITATION MUSIC page. Do check out – Instant Meditation, Anywhere, Anytime! :)

There’s also a section dedicated to the heritage films that me and my team have been creating since past few years. These are full length infotainment audio-visuals telling you about the various heritage sites in and around Delhi and you can find these films on the EXPLORATION FILMS page on this site.

Our musical works have been showcased at the MUSIC page and some of our candid jamming videos have been shared on the JAMMING page :) Hope you’ll like these!

And yes, do not forget to get yourself some melodious RINGTONES from the site :) A small gift from us that is!

And here’s some more info about me:

Academics and Profession: Details about my academic and professional engagements can be found at my LinkedIn page here.

In the News: Some more candid info is given in a news-paper article here – where a leading Indian news-paper wrote about me in their infotainment section. There’s another article here, written by a popular online music portal, that discusses about the synergies between my creative engagements, community service efforts and my engineering job. Also, the blog about our heritage-explorations got featured in a newspaper article as the “Blog of the Week” and you can read more about the same here.

Other links: Some of our works are also showcased at my sister’s website here.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you’ll love being here.

Do check out the welcome-greetings video below :) Best wishes and blessings for all !



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