Aataa Laddoo Recipe

Was fun making these..and even greater fun to eat these awesome laddoos 🙂 Am trying to scribble a quick recipe below: Ingredients: 1kg aatta 800gm powdered sugar 750gm (or around 1lt.) ghee/refined oil for frying dry fruits and roasting the aatta (aataa bhoon-ne ke liye) 400gm safed til 150gm magaj (kharbooje/ tarbooje ke beej) almonds, cashew nuts – … Continue reading Aataa Laddoo Recipe

Recipe for making Thekua (Khajoor)

Some of my friends had asked for the recipe to make Thekuas/Khajoors (a sort of Indian home-made cookies) 🙂 Just scribbled some quick notes below. Hope it helps 🙂 Special thanks to my mom and sis for helping me out with this! Enjoy !! INGREDIENTS #600gm wheat flour #300gm maida #600gm powdered sugar (add or reduce … Continue reading Recipe for making Thekua (Khajoor)

Katahal ki Sabzi – Recipe (katahal = Jackfruit)

We prepared my fav katahal ki sabzi yesterday. A friend had asked me for the recipe..and I wrote a quick one for him. Just sharing the same below..just in case some one else finds it useful as well 🙂 Best wishes! —– Here’s a qik recipe for you : pre-heat some cooking-oil in a kadhaai .. … Continue reading Katahal ki Sabzi – Recipe (katahal = Jackfruit)

Mom’s Birthday today :)

It’s mom’s birthday today 🙂 Thanks to her for bringing me and sis Arunima​ to the world and for nurturing and helping us learn how to live 🙂 Well, apart from making “lives” she also creates everything else that makes life “full of life”! Sharing below some of her artwork..poetry..paintings..songs..food..films..music..and anything and everything that is LIFE! … Continue reading Mom’s Birthday today 🙂

Awesome Food – Rikawach :)

Dug this old time FOODY Collage out today .. An all time favorite of mine .. Rikawach (as known in Bihar, UP regions) or more popularly known as Pataura in Northern parts of India and Patra in Mumbai area .. made out of Arvi leaves! A work of ART it is .. awesome stuff 🙂 Also, … Continue reading Awesome Food – Rikawach 🙂

Thekua (Khajoor)

Thekua/Khajoor – sort of deep fried cookies esp prepared in the Bihar-UP zones..and an integral part of the “Chhat Pooja’ prasaad. What you see in the pic more closely resembles a ‘khajoor’. “Thekua” is a close cousin..and has various design-patterns (engraved) on its surface! You can find the recipe here. Best wishes! 🙂