Rataul : Mangoes, Orchards, Faces, Places and more :)

Went for this “mango walk” recently to a village situated just about 60 km from Delhi! Treasured some experiences in my camera and sharing the same here 🙂 Tonnes of MANGOES, a vast green ORCHARD, LIFE much different than the cosmopolitan lives, new FRIENDS, “CINE STARS” and much more 🙂 Happy Exploring!

Find it on our Travel-videos Map here.

Exploring Heritage at Sonepat and Panipat (2 minute video promo)

A power-packed Qawwali knit with a 2 minute trailer of our upcoming heritage exploration video series from Sonepat and Panipatek din Qalandar ke sheher mein!

Eid special :)

aaj Eid par agar aapko ..
kuchh pal maasoomiyat ke jeene ka mann ho..
kuchh dheema dheema muskaane ka mann ho..
kuchh taaze aansuon se aankhein namm karne ka mann ho..
aur chhoti si baat pe mann hee mann khushi se uchhalne ka mann ho..
..to ye dekhein 🙂 aur kuchh nahi to kuchh saadgi aur kuchh dheemi zindagi dikh jaaegi… kuchh aise nazaare jo sukoon dete haen 🙂

Bas kuchh 20mins ki baat hai!! Eid Mubaarak 🙂 .. blessings for all!