Phone FRAUDS !! Sharing my own experience..for a Word of Caution !!

Hi all,

Just wanted to share some info with you, so that you are out of any sorts of trouble ☺

I got a call this morning, supposedly from Airtel, stating that I’ve won some lottery. The way that guy spoke wasn’t so convincing. So, I enquired the same from Airtel and got to know that this was a FRAUD. Please refer to the details in the text given below. It’ll help.

Please spread the word if you feel like !!

Thanks and take care.

(Excerpts from my interaction with Airtel.)

———Original Message———-
Sent: 20/03/2010
Subject: URGENT : Airtel LOTTERY – FRAUD or TRUE ??


This is regarding a phone call that I received from supposedly an Airtel executive. Please read on and assist me.

I got a call from one Mr. Sunil today (20 March 2010 9:39 A.M.) from this phone no.: +923437831712.

He mentioned that he was calling from Airtel Mumbai and informed me that I have won an Airtel Lottery worth Rs.25Lakhs on my phone number.

He further added that to claim this amount I need to do the following:
1. Call up this no. – 009 230 5500 3595
2. ..and ask for Senior Supervisor Vijay Kumar .
3. ..and supposedly Vijay will tell me how to proceed.

Now, I just want to confirm this thing with Airtel as I have had no clue of such a lottery being held. Please assist me by confirming the same.

Also Mr.Sunil did not sound like a groomed customer care guy, thereby raising a few doubts !!

Please suggest.

Looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards
Aditya Pathak

Response from Airtel

Dear Aditya Pathak,

Thank you for contacting Airtel.

You have inquired about the details of lottery for your Airtel mobile number 9xxxxxxxxx.

We would like to inform you that we request you not to attend those calls, who calls and informs you that you have won a lottery/award conducted by the respective telecom operator. We assure you that these calls do not represent Airtel.

At Airtel would like to issue a general advisory to all mobile/landline users to protect them from such malicious activities. Hence, we request you to notes these things in this concern:

1. Avoid responding to suspicious missed calls from unknown numbers, especially those beginning with +92.
2. Do not respond to any SMS from unknown sources prompting to call on a number.
3. Refrain from sharing any personal information & identity proofs like Voter ID Number, PAN Number, Bank Account Number, Credit Card information or make any payment to people promising lottery or other unexpected awards.
4. Do not disclose your handset IMEI or SIM card number to unknown callers. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique code given by handset manufacturer for your number. This can be obtained by pressing *#06#.
5. In case of suspicious calls, report the same to the concerned security authorities / service provider.
6. Mainly not to recharge using DTH recharge coupons

Also, for further information and details, Airtel customers are requested to visit our website at:

For further assistance, mail us at

We would be glad to have your feedback on our response. Please click on the below link to provide your feedback.

We thank you and value your association with Airtel.

Warm Regards
Customer Care
Bharti Airtel Limited


Everything we do, can become CREATIVE !!

Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular – with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. It has nothing to do with anything in particular.

A 'famous' face, carved out on a water-melon !!

Anything can be creative – WE bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. WE can paint in an uncreative way. WE can sing in an uncreative way. WE can clean the floor in a creative way. WE can cook in a creative way.

Creativity is the quality that WE bring to the activity we are doing. It is an ATTITUDE, an Inner-Approach – how WE look at things.

– inspired by talks by the great master, OSHO

The Yellow Page !!


The monk who..

According to some ancient beliefs, Yellow is the color of “intellect”. (They say so on Discovery Channel ..must be right!!)

Well, yellow is the color of many other things too, but let’s take it offline – I need to maintain hygiene, am not keeping too well!!

Ya, so we were talking about “intellect”. Throughout my life, till now, I have never felt so ‘intellectual’ as I am feeling since the holy day of Christmas. The intellect levels have been on a steep rise since then – and you can see that “enlightenment” in my eyes too.

And to match this bliss in my eyes, I’ve even got myself a buddhist-monk types haircut too !! Yes it’s my portrait out there 🙂

But, on the contrary, the doctors prefer calling it Jaundice!! And what an irony, our every single effort since then has been to lose this yellow thing 🙂

Well, probably am on ‘the road less traveled’ now…recovering .. by shedding this ‘intellect’…to be with the common mankind.

“The monk who shed his Yellow” (yukk!! ..hey think hygienic plz) – am thinking of writing this book. So guys, here I come.

Hmmm… pardon me for taking this long route. Am on bed-rest since around 480 hours now… So u wud understand the state of my mind,  the sense of restlessness I am in due to this bed-rest.. the irritation of being cut-off from my friends, Music, office, my car etc etc.

Well, what I meant to say could have been said more easily as – Dear friends, I have been hit by viral jaundice since Christmas and am blossoming like a sunflower – Yellow is the color. Again, no dirty thoughts please – the doctor has asked me to maintain hygiene you see 🙂

The good thing is that I’m sliding downwards on the Jaundice bell-curve now and am hopeful of recovering by early Feb. Let’s see. Amen!

Thanks for reading through. Just few more days and I’ll be as ‘intellectual’ as the normal mankind 😉

God bless you my friend 🙂

A SPECIAL wish for YOU !

This FESTIVE season ..

here’s a SPECIAL wish for YOU !

* * * * * *
In the coming year and many more to come ..

May you SPREAD more & more HAPPINESS..

May you SPREAD more reasons for all to SMILE..

May you HELP more & more people to achieve SUCCESS..

May you DRIVE all deserving to PROSPERITY..

May you HELP all to achieve the best of HEALTH ..

… and last but not the least …

May GOD bless you with everything you need to achieve
ALL that I mentioned above

… AMEN !!


* * * * * *
Wishing you all




– Aditya

E-waste disposal is just a phone call away now : Just call up 1800-419-3283 !!

(excerpts from Hindustan Times dated November 01, 2009– Delhi edition – Page 4) : Just wanted to share this info with all.


For those who have been wondering what to do with the electronic waste lying at home, here’s some hope.

A Delhi-based company has launched the country’s first helpline dedicated to safe and environment-friendly disposal and recycling of e-waste – old, dead computers, keyboards, monitors, TVs and the like.

Dial toll-free 1800-419-3283, to get your electronic waste picked up from home and recycled at a factory in Roorkee, without letting any of the toxic elements sully the environment.


Please help by spreading the word further. Let’s do our bit – a little bit at-least 🙂

Some encouraging responses to AZAADI !!


New update on this old blog post : Here’s the Latest Azaadi Video :

WATCH IT ..please ! “The Call of the Awakened” – You’ll be a new person after being through this audio-visual…our gift to a great nation and it’s people. You’ll correlate – we trust. Watch it full..Feel it..and spread the word further. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY my brethren 🙂 God bless you !!


Facebook: back to the original post 🙂


Thank you so much, this is inspiring and certainly awakening!

Kudos to you for yet another effort which brings out your creativity and challenges thinking minds. It was great to know about your desire to make this whole existence a celebration…. you are definitely contributing well towards that.

Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂


Its an amazing idea and an excellent composition. Everything is superb which really touches the nerve. The content, the voices and the background scores are perfect. This great composition really pushes everybody to think forward on the way of your thoughts which you expressed in your poem.

Its very encouraging thought which boost up our moral to achieve common goal on this INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION. There are so many thoughts in the mind when we look into our society/religion/politician etc which create portrait of country right/wrong way. As you said we are always blaming others first but never look inside.

Lets try to look inside first and send this message to the others which will definitely create our chain for better tomorrow of our great INDIA.


Such nice words with true feeling and expressed so beautifully….It is heart touching and brings out the hidden feelings/thoughts within us


It seemed like a time-taking download … but more than worth the wait !!… very inspiring .. very meaningful …. MUST go to every nook and corner of the country !!…. GREAT JOB people !!.. my congratulations … may u all do for ur country what you most want to do !!


You have made us realize how each one of us can experience real freedom! And that, freedom is really within us! Thanks!


This video explains the concept of freedom in an unusual and touchy way… it must reach the maximum people!


Mind-blowing !! This gives me Goosebumps! Very well composed….Congratulations………Would you consider collaborating with any movie producer/ or for commercial video release? This will stand a great chance