We dedicate this track to our beloved tau ji.. Guruji, as we used to call him, Pandit Pashupatinath Pathak ‘Vyakul’ (Late) – an honest and compassionate human being and a passionate musician – who introduced us to music, which eventually became LIFE for us. Thanks Guruji 🙂

I composed this one in Feb 2010. The track was being mixed during the late hours of Feb 8 when Guruji transcended his body after a long ailment.

Being with him, all through my musical journey and also during his last few months, has shaped a lot in this “me” of mine today. In fact my mom and dad have a great musical influence because of Guruji  which, in turn, has helped me and my sis, Arunima, in a big manner since childhood. In class 11th I remember, it was my first experience with recording and mixing when I recorded his voice over a karaoke track in my new music-system that time. Also, my first visit to a recording studio and then the AIR (All India Radio) studios were with him. Amazing experience that was. From then till now and always – we owe a lot to Guruji. This one is for you our musical master 🙂

The track is based around the notes of raag Bhairavi – the King of all Raagas. This is our Ambient/Lounge/World-Music rendition of this raaga and is inspired by a much popular Indian communal-harmony song based on Bhairavi – “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” 🙂

Hope you’ll like it. Best wishes to all !! Thanks for the support always 🙂

-Aditya Pathak

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