Dargah of Hazrat Shamsuddin Turk Panipati

The second destination of our recent trip to Panipat – Well, our visit to this place was a coincidence! The place was not on our list but somehow the turn of events so happened that we found ourselves within this peaceful shrine 🙂 Met kids who were decorating the building with beautiful block prints and also met a horse and it’s pony 🙂 Had refreshing sugar-cane juice as well 🙂

Some photographs and video are given below 🙂

DSC03371 DSC03378 IMG_2528 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2545 IMG_2550 IMG_2555 IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2560 IMG_2581 IMG_2585 IMG_2589 IMG_2593 IMG_2594 IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2609

DSC_1140 DSC_1143 IMG_2603

Tomb of Khwaja Khizr and Travel fun!

Some travel-fun and foody moments at Pahalwan Dhaba, Murthal 🙂 AND..

Tomb of Khwaja Khizr, Sonipat – This beautiful tomb was built over the mortal remains of Khwaja Khizr, who rose to prominence during the reign of Ibrahim Lodi (1517-1526 AD). This tomb is among the very few monuments where ‘kankar’ blocks have been used along with red standstone. Standing on a high platform and reinforced with square protections at the corners, the tomb is approachable through wide stairs leading to its gateway.

Here’s a quick video tour of the Tomb!

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