Being Self - Aditya

Instant Meditation ..  Anywhere .. Anytime !

Here’s a collection of Meditation Music tracks created at our temple of creativity 🙂 Various tracks might suit various states of mind. Please explore the playlist given below for the tracks you wish to listen to. Links to individual tracks are mentioned below the playlist.

Some guidelines about the usage of these tracks:

  • Put on a comfortable pair of headphones OR play the music in a good surround sound speaker system (small earphones/speakers might not give a fuller sound)
  • Be in a comfortable posture
  • Close your eyes*
  • Breathe gently, preferably in sync with the music
  • Hit play, sit back and RELAX. Do not concentrate..just relax and listen to the various sounds in the track
  • Do not take this as a task.. just relax and let the music flow while you witness the same

The sounds are so designed to soothe you.. and if you co-operate with the music in the manner specified above, it’ll help even more. Blessings!

*PS: For those who prefer to keep their eyes open, we’ve added some simple visuals to the tracks..try and just witness the visuals and not analyze them 🙂

Some more details about how these tracks can be used for various meditation are mentioned on the page here.

Links to individual tracks:

  1. Sound Bath Session #2 : One Hour Healing Meditation Music (Sounds for Relaxation)
  2. 1 Hour Healing Sound Bath Meditation Music – Session 1 (Nature sounds for Relaxation)‬
  3. Nirvana – a farewell to self
  4. From Love to Gratitude
  5. Winds of Solitude

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