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We’ve been roaming around in our city capturing some of the history and heritage on camera. Most of these places are protected monuments and other sites of historical and archaeological significance. Given above is a Youtube playlist comprising of these movies that we have been putting together since a while. For all our videos featuring heritage-explorations, travel, music, food, fun and more, please visit/subscribe our Youtube Channel here. Some of the content is also available on our Vimeo channel here.

Check out our YouTube channel dedicated to Travel, Heritage, Food, Meditation, Music and more here! 🙂

To make navigating through these videos easier, we’ve now plotted all the videos onto a map and the same can be found at this link and also the same is embedded below. Hope you’ll enjoy exploring these videos by means of a map and I also feel that viewing these places on a map adds more context to the story associated with each place and we also tend to observe patterns associated to location/geography associated to the place of interest. Just navigate to a location of your choice on the map and click on the location pointers and play the video 🙂

Our primary motive with these projects has been enjoying this whole process – the monuments..the history..the stories .. the people around..fellow explorers.. the filming and editing and of-course, doing the music. But once the video is up here in the cyber-space, we also noticed that as “by-products” these videos also end up fetching us benefits like:

  • spreading awareness about the city and it’s heritage
  • encouraging/luring people out of their moribund schedules to these heritage places
  • encouraging our creative buddies to be enterprising enough to overcome the shackles of opportunities in the market and create similar self-initiated creative projects
  • these videos can also serve as digital content/multimedia content as learning aids..may be helpful for students of history, archaeology, architecture etc ..or may be simply helping kids do their holiday home-work at-least 🙂 since, in many cases, the film content would connect to the several history chapters in their text books.
..and some more “etc.” kind of benefits 🙂
Hope you enjoy experiencing these explorations as well !
Best wishes.
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