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Delhi Blog of The Week in HTCity (21 Jun 2013) !!

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As we travel, we love to treasure diverse experiences and cultures in our camera. These include heritage and historical tours, nature trails, storytelling, food-tours and so much more – from India and also beyond. Right from ancient and medieval structures, to popular street food and stories from different cultures – we’ve treasured it all on our Youtube channel.

To make navigating through these videos further more interesting, we’ve also plotted all the videos onto a map and the same can be found at this link and also the same is embedded below. Hope you’ll enjoy this. Viewing these places on a map adds more context to the story associated with each place and we also tend to observe patterns associated to location/geography associated to the place of interest. Just navigate to a location of your choice on the map and click on the location pointers and play the video!

Our primary motive with these projects has been enjoying this whole process – the monuments..the history..the stories .. the people around..fellow explorers.. the filming and editing and of-course, doing the music. But once the video is up here in the cyber-space, we also noticed that as “by-products” these videos also end up fetching us benefits like:

  • spreading awareness about the city and it’s heritage
  • luring people out of their moribund schedules to these interesting experiences
  • encouraging our creative buddies to create similar self-initiated creative projects
  • these videos can also serve as digital content/multimedia content as learning aids.. may be helpful for school kids and also students of history, archaeology, architecture, mass media etc.

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