In the News

Given below are some instances of our work being featured in News 🙂

  • People in the City! (Sep 2011): Some candid info is given in a news-paper article here – where a leading Indian news-paper wrote about me in their infotainment section.
  • Aditya Pathak – Musician & Film Maker (Sep 2012): There’s another article here, written by a popular online music portal, that discusses about the synergies between my creative engagements, community service efforts and my engineering job.
  • Delhi Blog of the Week! (Jun 2013): Also, the blog about our heritage-explorations got featured in a newspaper article as the “Blog of the Week” and you can read more about the same here.
  • ये सफर हैं कुछ जुदा (Mar 2019): A leading Hindi daily featured our Heritage and Healing tours among other novel creative initiatives across the nation, here.
  • Art, positivity and Meditation during Lockdown! (3 May 2020): Among other talented artists Amar Ujala (Ghaziabad Edition) featured our meditation experiments today appreciating all efforts spreading art and positivity esp. during #COVID19 #Corona related #Lockdown 🌼🙏♥️✔️ read more here