Prajwala : You may end up ‘realizing’ something and helping a ‘human’ cause. Read On !!

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Forwarding a message I got from one of my close friends. Please check.
You may end up ‘realizing’ something and helping a ‘human’ cause.

For a quick info, plz watch this .. infact you MUST watch this :

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Hello friends! 🙂

I am writing this to bring to your notice a cause that I personally feel is not getting its due importance. Some of you may have seen the TED talk by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan and a few of you may have read about it on my blog or other places. But she is basically the founder of Prajwala, an anti-trafficking organization in India.

If you have not already done so, it is my (very humble) request to you to check out her TED talk at the link below. I am asking you to do so simply because no amount of writing that I do here will do justice to the enormity of the problem faced by tens of thousands of women and children that Prajwala is trying to help. So please read the rest of this note only after watching that video and only if you are interested in doing more.

After watching that video, I was left pretty horrified and I tried to read up more on trafficking and also see ways to help Dr. Krishnan and her efforts. In the process, I also stumbled upon Prajwala page on Facebook and to my utter disappointment found that it has less 200 members. For an organization that has saved 3200 women and more than 5000 children, that is just pathetic. It shows that either people are unaware about it, or they chose to ignore it.

If you think you want to make a small gesture to this cause at all, I think a good way to start is to follow the FB page at the link below. They have plenty of eye opening videos there that you could watch. Joining a FB page might not look like doing much but it can still help making it a topic of conversation and showing support to the cause.!/group.php?gid=189383173421

Please join it only if you sincerely believe that people should be aware of the horrendous acts happening around them and if you feel that you must take a small step, in any whichever way, to stop them. There are no obligations at all! 🙂


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