Vanish – may this happen to me, sometimes I feel..

This world has it’s strange ways..
And we have stranger perceptions – always..
Vanish – may this happen to me, sometimes I feel..
atleast that’ll give me an escape.
Tears do drop off sometimes as I blink..
But sometimes when I stop and think..
Vanish – this may give me an escape
as fever vanishes with that Crocin that the doc gave..
But Crocins are not solutions…the root cause still stays..
I need that Apple today.. that keeps the doc away !!
That apple is the almighty’s grace ..
But you need some “experience” be at his place..
When I escape of this world.. I am just half-filled ..
half-filled of disgust, half-filled of depression..
half-filled of lust..half filled of aggression..
And GOD is majestic – no halves..he expects full !!
Come to me “full” he says – either full of “emptiness”, love, disgust or disgrace !!
Pass through this world..taste it full..
and then comes a saturation from within ..
Love – disgust – disgrace.. everything else now looks dull..
Either love or may be pain.. don’t run away – pass through it and then you gain ..
Be full of it – pain, lust, love, anger, disgust ..all come to a saturation..
..and then they use a seemingly heavy word for it – renunciation !!
This feel is now not momentary ..its here to stay..
coz you passed thru it full..and didnt run away.
Escapes nurture doubts..
“May be it would have been good..if I hadn’t run out !”
I feel better now I typed this out..
Well.. words ..oh..I realize I have run out !!
Best wishes to all – thanks for listening and letting me Reach Out 🙂

2 responses to “Vanish – may this happen to me, sometimes I feel..”

  1. Feel the same… very nicely and simply put!

    1. thnx sis 🙂 cheers !!

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