The color of my thoughts..

Always changing, is the color of my thoughts..
Sometimes powdery, often fluid..but sometimes jerky blobs..
A serene white, or calm blue hues..
But sometimes utterly jumbled red black knots..
Sometimes I just don’t know what to call those disturbing odds..
Silver streaks, golden highlights and sometimes just those simple and cute polka dots..
Always changing, is the color of my thoughts..

It’s a holiday, since it’s the Holi day which I wish also be a holy day for us all..
Momentary and individual colors we are all..
But when my black mixes with your blue hues..
Her pink dissolves in the others’ Orange, Green, Red et al..
When it becomes difficult to identify who is the ‘other’ ..
and the self is drowned and lost in ecstasy.
Those momentary individual dark knights and the saintly white snows..
Together become a charming existence – a healing halo – those smiling beautiful rainbows 🙂

Wishing us all a Very Happy Holi.
May our lives be colored with awareness and creativity.
Dipped in hues of love, wishing us joy and bliss on Holi & always 🙂

And here’s a musical and visual treat :

God bless us all 🙂

Amen !!

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