ZINDAGI : A song about the ironical situation of “life” today !

ZINDAGI : A song about the ironical situation of “life” today !

Audio version (for faster streaming than video): http://soundcloud.com/adityapathakcreations/zindagi

(Lyrics in Hindi)

Yaaron ki bheed hai.. Ya lakhon tanhaaiyaan.
Rishton ki parat mein.. Lipti khudgarziyaan.
Zindagi ke naam pe..
Ladti hui marziyaan… Aur kuchh khushiyon ki parchhaaiyaan.

Rengte hue bachpan.. Ansuni kilkaariyaan.
Machinon ka shor hai.. Ya fir chubhti khamoshiyaan.

Chat pe baantein khushi aur gham.. Bekhabar apnon se haen hum..
Rishton ki ye duuriyaan.

(English Meaning of the lyrics.)

Is it a crowd of friends.. or a bunch of hollow loners.
Under the covers of relations..are the selfish selves.
In the name of LIFE, it’s a conquest of several wills.
And some illusions of happiness.

An ignored childhood.
Or unheard cackles of a baby.
A cacophony of machines..
Or a depressing biting silence.
We share joys & sorrows on the chat (social networking)..
But are so distant from our own people.



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