Khoob chalta ye vyaapaar hai ! (This business is quite profitable!)

(Hindi Script and English meanings also given below)

Listen to the poem :

Khoob shauq haen logon ke, khoob chalta ye vyapar hai.
Sonay pe suhaga to ye, ke log kehte usay pyar haen.

Hai Profit & Loss statement,
par lagta jaise prem-patrachar hai.

Samaaj mein maan to liya ke prem ka shikhar vivaah hai,
par neev par uski bas ek 2BHK flat lene ka vichar hai.

Tol-mol kar rishte banana to theek,
par aksar chalta mol-bhav hai.

Shaql Aql Name Fame ki daud mein
lad mar dab gad gae bhaav haen.

Bhaavnaaon ko maar kar jo jitna neend mein daude..
utne uske bhaav haen.

Par galti bhi kya hae..
mazaak mazaak mein hee bachche ban jaate maa baap haen.

Rang pe kisne pehre daale .. Roop ko kisne baandha.
Hua karti thi ye sachchai .. Ab bhi hai ..
Par jaise maan liya hai ke hai sirf ek gana.

Rang Roop Saahitya Sangeet Kala ..
inmein bunkar tha jeevan chalana.

Par lagte ab haen ye jaise post dated cheque,
mauka milte hee sabko inhein hai bhunana.

Mazbooti ka sathi.. Jiski nishani hai hathi..
Huh.. Tv pe to yahi thay seekhte.
Par is se pehle ke khud jeena seekhte..
aur bante mazbuti ke sathi,
Social pressure yaa pyar ke saraab mein,
Ban gae kisike jeevan sathi.

Ab retail price chhapi fevicol se dekha nahi kabhi dilon ko jodkar..
haan ..mazbuti ke jod ki testing hoti zarur hai usay todkar.

Na jaane zarurat kya hai us jod ki..
sathi to chalte hee haen hath thaamkar.. ya chalte haath jodkar ??

Samajhdari dikhti hai behti ganga mein haath dhokar..
Par ganga tod mod kar baandhkar ghar rakhne mein kahe ki samajhdari?

Aur itna sab sirf isliye .. ke koi aur na rakh le, agar na ho saki humari.

Plastic ke dilon ko shayad khoob hai bhaata ..
Jab tin foil ki jeebh pe padta sonay ka achar hai..

Khaer.. Khoob shauq haen logon ke..
Khoob chalta ye vyapar hai !!

Video with English Meanings:

(English Meanings)

Ah .. everybody is so passionate about this ‘business’..
and its quite profitable too.
And to top it all , they call it ‘Love’.

It’s actually a Profit & Loss statement,
but it looks like a romantic correspondance.

The society believes ‘marriage’ to be the pinnacle of love,
but the basis of such a pinnacle is usually just a desire to buy a 2BHK house.

May be ‘trying and testing’ works before getting into relationships,
but nowadays it’s ‘bargaining’ that happens rather.

In a conquest for Beauty Wisdom Name & Fame,
The emotions are suppressed, dead and buried deep.

The one with dead-emotions and the one who just goes on aimless and directionless,
he/she is the one who is most precious today.

But no one is to blame..
In just a casual turn of events, immature children become parents themselves.

“Rang pe kisne pehre daale .. Roop ko kisne baandha.”
(an old Hindi song meaning : no one has physical beautiful forever)
This used to be a fact – it still is..
But we prefer to believe that it’s just another song.

Beauty Wisdom Music & Arts
Life was to be woven with these strings..

But all these today seem to be like post-dated-cheques..
everyone wants to en-cash them as soon as possible.

“Mazbooti ka sathi.. Jiski nishani hai hathi..”
(a line from an Indian advertisement of a glue , meaning :
The glue is the companion of strength, and it’s symbol (logo) is elephant)
Huh ..that’s what we learnt from the TV.
But before we could learn to live ourselves,
and before we could become the companions/partners of strength…
Due to social-pressure or seeing a mirage (illusion) of love..
we became someone’s life-partner.

With a Fevicol (a glue) which carries an MRP, I’ve never tried to bind hearts..
But yeah, the strength of a bond does get tested by breaking the bond.

I don’t know why we need these bonds..
when companions already move together hand-in-hand .. or do they walk with folded hands (in fear) ?

It seems to be wise to “make hay while the sun shines”..
But what’s so wise about trying to grab, twist and pack sunlight to lock it at home.
And all this just so that no one else can take it, if we couldn’t !!

May be the plastic-hearts love it..
when the pickles of gold fall on the tin-foil tongues.

Ah .. everybody is so passionate about this ‘business’..
and its quite profitable too!!

(Hindi Script/Devnaagri Version)

Written, Spoken and Composed by ADITYA

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