Sher Shah Suri Gate / Laal Darwaza : Neighborhood of Old Fort – Episode 3

In this episode we visit Laal Darwaza, also known as Sher Shah Suri Gate, near the Old Fort in Delhi. We get to know about the following aspects of medieval India associated to this place:

  • Sher Shah Suri’s empire starting from Bihar and Bengal till his rule inDelhi after he defeated Humayun
  • Sher Shah as a brilliant administrator and an able general and how his empire laid the foundations of the later Mughal emperors
  • His rule over Delhi was quite short, around 5 years, and within this short period he was able to set up a new civic and military administration, issued the first Rupiya (Indian currency) and re-organised the postal system of India
  • A little about Sher Shah’s successor Islam Shah and more monuments and ruins associated to the Sur dynasty like the Isa Khan Tomb etc.

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