From Nizamuddin Basti.. Next in our Heritage Exploration series is ATGAH KHAN’s TOMB! The tomb is hidden amid the living spaces of several families in the basti and it is hard to imagine that those narrow lanes and alleys lead you to something standing tall with such grandeur! For those familiar with the Jodha-Akbar stories – Atgah Khan was a fatherly figure to emperor Akbar and was killed by Adham Khan..who was in-turn punished to death by Akbar. Check out the episode to know more 🙂

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4 responses to “ATGAH KHAN’s TOMB”

  1. What an amazing amazing coincidence…just 2 seconds before I saw your post I commented about the song Kun Fayakun which was filmed in the Nizamuddin Basti, I believe?

    1. Thanks for your message Sonya 🙂 The area around the Sufi Shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya is called Nizamuddin Basti. There are several places of interest in this area and my current video series is covering most of those. The song Kun Fayakun was actually shot inside the main Nizamuddin shrine itself and I’ll be showcasing that place in my next video 🙂 Perhaps, sometime back I came across a similar conincedence…the day I went there for shooting this series we found the same group of Qawwals singing Qawwalis there who were featured in this song as well! That Qawwali session is also posted in one of my past videos. Bless you 🙂

      1. I would love to see that Qawali session. Please do send me the link. Also look forward to your next post. Thanks.

      2. Sure 🙂 Here’s that session – .. there are more similar Heritage tour and Qawwali videos on my Youtube channel if you are interested….the links are mentioned within the video above 🙂 cheers! hope u’ll enjoy the music

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