St. Paul’s Church – exploring heritage at Mussoorie and Landour

Christmas Special episode from ‪Mussoorie‬ & ‪Landour 🙂 The historical St. PAUL’s CHURCH – a beautiful ‪church‬ located very near to the famous ‪Char Dukan‬ and ‪Chakkar‬ area in the Queen of Hills. This is the only place where the ‪British Queen and the King visited during the ‪colonial Days of the Raj and it also has a connect with the story of the famous conservationist Edward James “Jim” Corbett!

MERRY CHRISTMAS friends 🙂 Happy Exploring! Love to all!! ‪:)

Trek at George Everest Peak

A quick fun Trek, Colorful fluttering Buddhist prayer flags and more awesomeness from George Everest Estate, Mussoorie 🙂 Happy Exploring!

Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory – Park Estate (video)

In the latest episode from our Heritage Explorations at Musoorie and Landour we bring to you Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory, also known as Park Estate! Apart from the serene visuals, in this episode, we also get to know more about the life and times of George Everest, the Great Trigonometric Survey of India, Indian experts like Radhanath Sikdhar, Pt. Nayan Singh and more! Happy Exploring 🙂

Deserted Lambidhar Mines, Cloud Formation, Cart Mackenzie Road and more from Mussoorie :) (video)

The Cart Mackenzie Road and the deserted Lambidhar Mines (also believed to be haunted by some!!) and awesome sudden CLOUD formation right in front of our eyes 🙂 A total WOW Experience in this episode from our Heritage tour at Mussoorie & Landour! Happy Exploring 🙂

Bhatta Falls, Old Hydro-electric Power Station and more – MUSSOORIE & LANDOUR Episode 2 (video)

One of the oldest Hydro-electric Power Plants, Bhatta Falls, Limestone Quarries and much more in Episode 2 of Heritage Explorations at MUSSOORIE & LANDOUR 🙂 Happy Exploring!!

Heritage Walk at Musoorie and Landour – Episode 1 : The Discovery of Mussoorie!

So here’s the first episode from our new Heritage Trail video series – A Tale of 2 Cities – MUSSOORIE & LANDOUR 🙂 Discover how the British “found” Mussoorie during the 19th Century.. how the place got it’s name.. and how it developed into a beautiful “rejuvenating” town for the ailing “Company”! All this and more…Happy Exploring 🙂

A Tale of 2 Cities – MUSSOORIE & LANDOUR! (Promo video)

A Tale of 2 Cities – MUSSOORIE & LANDOUR! Excited to share this quick 2 minute preview of our upcoming Heritage Exploration series from the hills 🙂 It’s time to explore the Colonial times of the Raj .. the stories of how and why the British established Mussoorie .. interesting heroic tales.. and the awesome sights of these beautiful towns 🙂 Stay tuned in for more ..full episodes COMING SOON! Happy Exploring 🙂