AZAADI / FREEDOM – Let’s give it “A New Meaning” this Independence Day


New update on this old blog post : Here’s the Latest Azaadi Video :

WATCH IT ..please ! “The Call of the Awakened” – You’ll be a new person after being through this audio-visual…our gift to a great nation and it’s people. You’ll correlate – we trust. Watch it full..Feel it..and spread the word further. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY my brethren 🙂 God bless you !!


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Hope you are doing good.

First of all, thanks a lot for being there and enriching this existence.

A quick intro of mine:

My name is Aditya Pathak and I work as a Senior Engineer with an IT firm in the NCR. Besides this, I am very passionate about music-composition, various other creative engagements and social service as well. I have a small music-setup at home where I make my music. You can find more about me here –

A background to what I have to convey:

I’ve always had an intent and a wish that the whole EXISTENCE should be like a CELEBRATION. To achieve this, I try to do things that I can do within my bandwidth and capabilities. Also, I am lucky that I am connected to certain individuals who think alike and who always encourage me. One such name is Dr. Jitendra Nagpal – a premier psychiatrist in India – and also an author of various articles on various matters related to the human-mind. He always encourages me to make songs that carry a message for the masses. And I always try to live-up to the expectations of such encouraging and special friends.

With this background and also as our “Independence Day” is once again around the corner, I just felt like composing a poem/song for the occasion that actually addresses the prevalent issues, and is not merely yet another patriotic song, simply glorifying the events that happened in past. For this, I have tried and collated a poem and have also composed the background score for the same. The poem has been composed by collating thoughts and emotions of a diverse set of people about what they feel when they think of the word “Azaadi/Freedom”. Please find the same at the below mentioned link-

Please read the “info” portion of this video post for more details about this composition.

Purpose of writing to you:

I feel that this composition comes pretty close to the “real picture” when it comes to portraying the emotions of a contemporary INDIAN about “AZAADI/Freedom”. Now, with my limited access to the masses, I am doing my bit to reach out to people to spread this message. I feel that there are some people out there who are very rightly placed to help us REACH OUT. Thus, I urge you to please consider this request and contribute to this cause. I am sure this will catch the attention of the masses, esp the youth – the contemporary INDIAN.

I look forward to your response.

Best wishes and blessings for all your endeavors.

Warm regards,

Aditya Pathak

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