E-waste disposal is just a phone call away now : Just call up 1800-419-3283 !!

(excerpts from Hindustan Times dated November 01, 2009– Delhi edition – Page 4) : Just wanted to share this info with all.


For those who have been wondering what to do with the electronic waste lying at home, here’s some hope.

A Delhi-based company has launched the country’s first helpline dedicated to safe and environment-friendly disposal and recycling of e-waste – old, dead computers, keyboards, monitors, TVs and the like.

Dial toll-free 1800-419-3283, to get your electronic waste picked up from home and recycled at a factory in Roorkee, without letting any of the toxic elements sully the environment.


Please help by spreading the word further. Let’s do our bit – a little bit at-least 🙂

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