A lot can happen over an Fbuk ‘Status Update’ !!

Well, it was just another Status update that I had posted over this weekend. Copied and pasted the words of an enlightened one, giving him due credits – no plagiarism you see ☺

I wrote:
“Desire is beautiful, there is nothing wrong in it — only free it from objects. Freedom from objects ! — and desire is divine.” OSHO

As I always feel after such posts, I was happy that I had posted something good, and it might float over the net to reach the apt set of minds.

To be very honest, I had not expected this to happen, but I was surprised to see a response from a friend of mine.

She said,
“free it from objects.. which means don’t desire materialistic things… then what do we desire ??”

..and it rang bells !! I am really thankful to our “thought-weaver and supplier”, whosoever he/she is (God/Nature..call it anything), that this thought sprung up in my friend’s mind. It lead me to introspect and think about this “update” – I soon realized that this was more than a status update .. much more !!

The “thought-weaver” in me helped me find some response to this. I am glad about that. Seems to be an apt one so far. What occurred to me is :
“..desire for what u derive out of those objects – desire for the ‘happiness’ , ‘satisfaction’ etc – the final ‘feel’ that u get out of an object, person, relationship etc. Let’s NOT stick to : I wanna be happy using this ‘thing’ ..or by this ‘person’…lets simply desire that ‘I wanna be happy’..this way the desire becomes limitless. Becomes easier for Nature/Almighty to help us .. lets not give him choices n options..that I wanna be happy by eating pizza… lets desire that I wanna feel that satisfaction that comes out of a lovely meal 🙂 … BTW – even I am on a learning journey – this is what I could derive from it. Hope that helped !! Cheers.”

Just thought of sharing with you all – so this note/blog !!

This small interaction changed something in me – I feel ‘enriched’ ☺

Thanks for your time to read through my friend.

Best wishes.

It's all about perspectives !!

4 responses to “A lot can happen over an Fbuk ‘Status Update’ !!”

  1. Yes…so true aditya..while osho’s summary is very crisp..what u told /explained..could settle in more easily..:) Having said that..i came across this thought today from hhssrsji that..we shd be free from likes and dislikes..dont be obsessed with a good thing and neither be obsessed with hating a bad thing..otherwise you are still not free…i derived that a managment funda unlderlying here is – coming out of comfort zones..if u stick to comfort zone..when the zone goes away..you happiness goes away..we dont know what growth/expansion almighty planned for us at this in this new zone…so in any of the zones..free ur self and leave it to almighty to decide which zone u should be ..just give ur 100% to the thought and direction he has brought u in..:)

  2. Very well said !! if only we cud follow it 🙂

  3. Very well said !! if only we cud follow it 🙂 No desires no tensions ….

    1. Yup 🙂 Thnx for the comment mam. Best wishes.

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