Happy me :) Got the “Diamond Award” trophy yesterday :)

Happy me 🙂 Got the “Diamond Award” trophy yesterday from the President of our firm.

Thanks everyone for all your wishes.

God bless us all !!


Here’s the testimonial I received from my firm.

Diamond Award for bringing a positive spirit to the workplace in India

3 Mar 2011


For the first time a colleague in India, Aditya Pathak, has received the prestigious Diamond Award on diversity and inclusion.

A chill-out session at the office, an initiative of giving food & essentials to special kids, a musical for an NGO, a film-making festival for young kids, & attending calls with counterparts on the new features of a software product. This rare combination is how everyone at the Noida office sums up Aditya Pathak.

The international Diversity and Inclusion Council recognised Aditya’s dedicated contributions to events about corporate responsibility and employee welfare, as well as his volunteer work for a local NGO and his role in organising a young film-makers festival in India.

For Aditya Pathak, Senior Data Engineer with the Data Development team at PBBI, work is not only about doing your job and going home. It is about expressing yourself, bringing joy to yourself and your colleagues and making life as pleasant as possible. Since joining our software business in New Delhi’s suburb of Noida in March 2007, Aditya has been delivering tangible contributions to the welfare of his colleagues.

Trained in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Aditya is currently involved with data quality and release support for our location intelligence products. He dedicates his free time to music composition and film-making. “I always have a positive and creative attitude to life. This is the way I was brought up,” explains Aditya. “I believe that our total selves are much beyond just ‘work’ and other commercial pursuits. It feels great when you get a platform to be and express your total self.”

Work can be fun

Guided by this understanding, Aditya has collaborated in several chill-out sessions in the office and in corporate social responsibility events organised by local HR.

“His contribution to these events has brought significant positive spirit to our company culture. Aditya’s ideas have truly enabled ingenuity and camaraderie among the employees,” says the HR manager with PBBI in India, who submitted Aditya’s nomination for the Diamond Awards.

An avid guitarist and singer, Aditya has lent his creativity to videos and recordings for events such as the creation of a fun short-film called “NOIDOSCOPE” – an introductory video about the Noida office, for PBBI colleagues across the globe. He is also a core member of the Expressions Club at Noida, which is an employee club for people interested in the various creative forms of expressions, for example, music, dance, theatre and movies. “All these creative pursuits are really a nice form of catharsis,” says Aditya.

Creativity for the benefit of society

Passionate about contributing to society, Aditya has volunteered for an NGO, Expressions India, a “life skills education and school mental health programme” which is catering specially to the adolescents and the youth of the nation.

The NGO is run by leading Indian psychiatrists, psychologists and school counselors. Aditya is in charge of the creative communications aspect of the programme.

Recently, he was also associated with organizing the 1st International Young Film-Makers’ Festival in India. School children from Europe, the Middle East and Asia participated in this mega-event and made 55 short films on topics like the importance of family, AIDS awareness, adolescent issues and drug abuse.

Aditya’s commitment to the welfare of colleagues and disadvantaged children do not go unnoticed by colleagues and management. “First, I was a bit apprehensive of the reactions of my colleagues but my ideas were always well received and I got a lot of support,” says Aditya. Clearly, for him the Diamond Award is “a big-time encouragement” and shows the commitment of our company to recognising diversity and inclusion best practices in the workplace.

Aditya’s next big project is a series of innovative short films which will convey the story without any dialogue. He is also busy organising the next Young Film-Makers’ Festival in New Delhi in summer 2011. Certainly, Aditya’s colleagues should also expect more fun in the workplace.

2 responses to “Happy me :) Got the “Diamond Award” trophy yesterday :)”

  1. Kritika Raghupathy Kumaraswamy Avatar
    Kritika Raghupathy Kumaraswamy

    Hi Aditya,

    Proud of you and your achievements…u r a God gifted soul..You deserve it truely!
    My privilege to know you personally ,you are and will be a great inspiration to people around the globe!

    good luck with your future contributions to this world 🙂

    God bless and best wishes always,

    1. Hey .. romb-nandri 🙂 That was so nice of you. God bless you all too !!

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