Science & Creativity together do wonders !!

OK here I turn into a counselor 😛 blush blush !! 🙂 🙂
But ya.. I thought this may help some more curious kids who think alike. Many children have asked me similar questions in past and so I felt like sharing it here.

Sometime back a shool-kid, who also attends the Life-Skills sessions organized by my NGO, asked me for some career-guidance. The discussion was based on Creativity vs Science !!

So here’s the discussion we had.


Science & creativity together do wonders !

Kid: sir, i too want to become novel writer and lyric writer in future 🙂 But i am in science stream and also doing iit coaching . Is my dream worldly wiser?
your few words have really boasted my confidence and moral. I wanted to talk to you in the career-counselling session but missed the opportunity. But defintely i want to do some creative works . I am now writing a novel but i think this year i can’t give extra time as its board years. My friends also like my poems and quotes. But i don’t think there will be proper guidence for me as nobody really in my family is up to this career. Shall i do btech first as i am good at studies too and hoping for good marks in the boards. .

Me: Hey, I am glad you are good at both aspects.

See, all creative pursuits come to us naturally. If we get proper guidance in the family, then it is really helpful. It’s a bonus above our existing talents. But even if we don’t have guidance in family, nothing is lost..u simply dont have the bonus. The ‘basic’ is still there ! So dont worry about that.

Any creation needs the creator’s mind to be fully focussed on his/her art ..and a healthy and calm body and mind help a lot. Thus, I always suport that it always helps if the bread-winning job of an artist is something else. Then whatever he creates is independent..and free flowing. There are no pressures. Just think if someone gives you a task – say, to write a happy poem in 24 hours ..and u r actually tensed about something and dont have much time also. So ..u will be in pressure. The poem will become a “task” that you must complete to earn money !! This is not art.

In your case, you are lucky that you score good marks. Go ahead , finish BTech..grab a nice job ..and BE SATISFIED. Then what you will write will be your true expression. And you have several examples.. see Chetan Bhagat, see Prasoon Joshi who is famous for his lyrics is an Ad Film Maker …and then you have common people like me… I am happy that my Engineering job helps me earn money with which I have built my small home studio…and I create music whenever and whatever I feel like.

Theres no one standing on my head to finish a song !!

And yes, once an artform is made by a really content and happy artist.. it sells also . Because it has something special about it. People do value it. So dont worry that you wont be able to earn through your art Just make true “art” first. As Rancho says in 3 Idiots…strive for excellence ..and success will follow.

I hope this will help you. Best wishes.

Bless u,

Kid: Thank you very much sir. . . . .thanks a lot for typing so much for me. :):-):)
yup your few words means lot to me. . Thanks for guiding me. . . . Really thanks .. and hope to enjoy the next session of meeting for short flims :):-) you are my role model too:)

I just shared it here so that, may be, it acts as a food for thought for a few more curious children.

Best wishes to all.

4 responses to “Science & Creativity together do wonders !!”

  1. Hi Adi,

    Good insight. It is nice to see that the kid enjoys writing poems, and his friends like it too. I remember the time when I used to scribble down little things. My first fans and critics were my own classmates and my sister’s classmates. Their criticism and encouragement made me write more. I am happy with your advice. Light such candles in several such little minds. Bless you. 🙂


    1. Thank u so much chetta 🙂 That encouraged a lot. Bless u !!

  2. Enlightening!!!!! 🙂 God Bless!

    1. thanks Shikha 🙂 Cheers !!

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