Sing your Life’s Song – Video: Your Life's Song

– a rare poem by Osho

– music and narration by Chinmaya Dunster

In the stillness of a night

Someone is playing on a flute

The moonlight appears to have frozen

This cold solitary night and the notes of a flute coming from far away

Sweet as a dream

All this is unbelievably beautiful

How much nectar can a hollow bamboo shower

Life too is like a flute

Empty and void in itself

But at the same time having limitless capacity for melodious notes

But all depends on the player

Life becomes what one makes of it

It is one’s own creation

It’s merely an opportunity

What type of song one wants to sing is entirely one’s own decision

This is the dignity of man

that he is free to sing songs of both heaven and hell

Everyone can create by finding notes on his flute

It is only a matter of practicing a but with the fingers

A little practice and the attainment is immense

The empire of infinite lives is attained without doing anything

I wish to say to each and every heart

take up your flute, the time is going fast

See that the opportunity to sing a song

does not slip by before the commitment falls

So you have to sing your life’s song

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