bete ismein wo nahi hai ?

Often funny moments keep sprouting up at some very unexpected places and times. I experienced one this morning 🙂

At the milk-depot arrives a typical Dilli wale uncle ji. He seems to have just woken up and have come straight to the shop… clad in white kurta and rather skirt-like pyjama with super-baggy kind of design. He picks up a pack of curd/lassi ..reads the info on the pack for a while.. and then asks the shopkeeper bhaiyya a very loud old-school punjabi-hindi-mix baritone voice and dilliwala style – “bete..ismein wo nai hai…wo AMMIBBA !! ammibba wali aati hai na ek !! nai hai wo ??” !!!!!!

I guess he was askin for that pro-biotic stuff with those ‘friendly’ bacteria…but somehow ended up recalling a more familiar word ‘amoeba’, thanks to the digestive ailments at that age !!

Though it was just a short candid early-morning business-deal conversation..but I walked back to home smiling all the way…and the big veggie bags that I was dragging earlier now seemed lighter 🙂

Good day to all !!

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