I have some TIME !

Often we don’t have ample time ..
So we ask others.. “Please give me some time”..
Or we complain .. “You don’t give me time” !

But haven’t you seen..more often we don’t even have so much time..
That we can allow others.. to give us some time ..

We do try and reach out..sometimes..
But not always we get connected..
and the phone says, “please dial after some time”..

It’s a dilemma that everything on our lists seems so prime..
But despite this hard trying..
We end up doing this crime..

Well it was just that at this moment I managed to have some time..
So just thought let me just try and make this all rhyme..

But I really hope that this poem of mine..
In this scorching heat, comes to you like a bottle of fresh lime..
Or may be a quenching bottle of old wine..for those who don’t mind ..

And I pray for all.. to the one who is beyond time..
May we all have some time.. to get some time 🙂

Amein ..Amein ..Amein ..AMEIN 🙂

PS: Source of the image – here

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