Ye Jo Zindagi Ki Kitaab Hai (Cover by Aditya) #nocturnalcrooning

Crooning a personal favorite by Jagjit SIngh ji 🙂 Great composition and Philosophical poetry!



Original Song Credits: Lyrics: Rajesh Reddy | Composition & Vocals: Jagjit Singh | Album: Saher (2000)

Garaj baras pyaasi dharti par #nocturnalcrooning

Yet another super favorite song by Jagjit Singh saahab and awesomely penned by Nida Fazli ji…late night crooning.. Unplugged 😄 “Garaj baras” #nocturnalcrooning 😄

Sansaar se bhaage phirte ho..

Covered this beautiful song from the movie Chitralekha recently. Melodious composition and philosophical and spiritual poetry that teaches us the art of Celebrating Life! It was great fun and a learning experience working on this one. Here’s a quick preview and the link to the full song! Hope you’ll like it 🙂 Cheers and best wishes!

The Malhar Lounge – an ode to Life!

A poem (Hindi/Urdu) by mom ..about how life manifests in various forms around us.. diverse forms of life.. religions, casts and creeds.. various emotions.. various situations.. and how the nature (or maybe God!) brings us all together .. both in material as well as spiritual ways! Just created a new video for this poem soundtrack that we had published earlier as well back in 2010 🙂
Poetry and Direction: Shashi
Female Vocals: Arunima
Male vocals, Music and Video: Aditya

A quick trip to Nizamuddin Dargaah.. in pictures :)

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Poori Sabzi Halwa..

..and some known and some unknown ‘friends’ 🙂

Recipe for this DELIGHT: Aata, Aaloo, Sooji, Oil, Salt and Spices, Sugar, Ghee, dry fruits, some money, LOVE… and TIME! 🙂

Few moments from “Feeding the needy” at Ramana Kendra Delhi 🙂

ramana food COLLAGE

Arey Dil.. Mere Mann : Philosophy of life!

Arey dil.. Mere mann : a favorite song of ours.. with subtle realizations of life knitted into some enchanting melodies.  The recording is from 2011..performed by me and sis Arunima at Ramana Kendra Delhi 🙂

Thus spake the great Masters!

Came across this awesome priceless treasure which attempts at decoding the spiritual mysteries discussed by the greatest of masters – Gautam Buddha and Lao Tzu. And yes..its free for download by one and all. Should be useful for individuals ready for a ‘change’, spiritual seekers and also students of psychology. Best wishes!


The Mantra to Bliss!

Memories of what is gone..

Plans for a future dawn..

We always manage to miss the music which is here and now on..

And the foolish cycle of false misery goes on and on!

But yes.. when one realizes this foolishness..

the remedy begins that very moment bang on!

Cheers 🙂

The Play of Light

Sometimes it’s dim

Sometimes bright

and sometimes it’s just the right amount of our Lives!

Club all those moments..and it becomes LIFE!!

And likewise…as u merge dimlit, overlit n normally lit photos..u get something that looks Life-like 🙂 Just sharing some moments as I fool around with fotos and editing..mostly some HDRish blah blah 🙂

Location: Ruins at Kotla Firoz Shah, New Delhi, India

firz shah hdr2 firz shah hdr1

a djin's Ka pot!