The Mantra to Bliss!

Memories of what is gone..

Plans for a future dawn..

We always manage to miss the music which is here and now on..

And the foolish cycle of false misery goes on and on!

But yes.. when one realizes this foolishness..

the remedy begins that very moment bang on!

Cheers 🙂

Keys to happiness!

Past few days I had been working on the background score for an upcoming documentary film based on topics of gross SOCIAL CONCERN, HUMAN LIFE and corruption… and today Editing a film on STIGMA associated to MENTAL HEALTH illness and the PLIGHT of the patients and their families. And then of-course.. office work!!

At one end there’s this hectic schedule where the timelines are so tight that there’s no time to have a look at my personalized happinesses n sorrows…and at the other end I am actually living few moments of the lives of the characters and stories shown as I work on these films… and at moments my own SORROWS rather seem to be minuscule..and this itself is a big reason for JOY !!

Guess it’s good to be busy like this.. as the keys to happiness reveal themselves to me in these hectic moments! 🙂