Keys to happiness!

Past few days I had been working on the background score for an upcoming documentary film based on topics of gross SOCIAL CONCERN, HUMAN LIFE and corruption… and today Editing a film on STIGMA associated to MENTAL HEALTH illness and the PLIGHT of the patients and their families. And then of-course.. office work!!

At one end there’s this hectic schedule where the timelines are so tight that there’s no time to have a look at my personalized happinesses n sorrows…and at the other end I am actually living few moments of the lives of the characters and stories shown as I work on these films… and at moments my own SORROWS rather seem to be minuscule..and this itself is a big reason for JOY !!

Guess it’s good to be busy like this.. as the keys to happiness reveal themselves to me in these hectic moments! 🙂

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