Janamashtmi Greetings!

He didn’t wear Raymond’s fabric.. Perhaps some even doubt if he existed ever.. BUT.. he is known to be A COMPLETE MAN Since 1925.. and even before! Perhaps one of the few GODs we know.. who lived all the traits of a HUMAN to the fullest.. and hence was COMPLETE. Never SERIOUS and SAD like the GODMAN, here’s a GOD who DANCES, LOVES, ELOPES, ESCAPES, FIGHTS, KILLS, SAVES, COUNSELS, is a MUSICIAN and what not! And he WITNESSES all this with utmost NON-DOERSHIP…and that’s what he vouched for! His LIFE is not penned as a Jeevni (Biography) but as a RAAS ..a PLAY. Cheers to the Super PLAYFUL MAN.. maybe ‘GOD’ is a shorter word for that 🙂


All the Yashodas out there.. Radhas, Arjunas and others too.. may we soon realize how to discover and chisel out our own KRISHNA from whatever we have..right here..right now! Blessings and best wishes 🙂


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