The Nirvana Trail ‘Vihara’ – Heritage Tour and Meditative walking

The Nirvana Trail – ‘Vihara’ (‘experiential’ walking) across a lesser known ancient chapter in the story of Delhi!

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In this unique tour we’ll walk in the spiritually charged neighborhood of Yoginipura, the modern day Mehrauli. We’ll experience the serene surroundings and the associated stories and amazing art work around. We’ll explore some lesser known places related to the Jain and Buddhist faiths and understand how these schools of thought brought about a ‘renaissance’ and “the first Indian rebellion” in early medieval times.

We’ll also discuss about the ‘Jain’ aspects of Delhi’s history that run across the times as a common binding thread as Delhi flipped pages from the ancient through the Sultanate, Mughal and even the British and contemporary chapters of its life!

Together, we’ll visit a blessed sanctum of peace and harmony; take a tranquil trek among the greens and up a hillock to witness grand idols of an enlightened masters; listen to stories and historical trivia; and take a dip into our own Creativity and Zen with a healing and liberating activity under the sky 🙂


More Info related to the tour:

– Places covered: Dadabadi Temple + Asoka Mission (if open) + Ahinsa Sthal

– Walk leader: Aditya Pathak

– Date & Day: 14th July 2019, Sunday

– Walk Timings : 7:15 am to 10:00 am

– Language: English & Hindi

– Meeting Time and location: Let’s gather at the Main gate near Qutub Minar Metro Station Parking, between 7:15am-7:25am

– Meeting Point Map Location:

– Parking is available at the Qutub Minar Metro Station Parking Lot

– Charges : ₹500 per head. To be paid after the event, on the spot.

– Payment Modes: Cash/Paytm/UPI

– Total Walking Distance: around 2.5 km (moderate terrain)

– For further queries reach out to Asif at 9818278665


Things to Note:

1. Footwear is required to be deposited at the gates before entering Dadabadi temple and Ahinsa Sthal

2: Leather goods, e.g. purse, wallet, belt, shoes, bags etc. are prohibited inside the Dadabadi temple and Ahinsa Sthal

3. Wear comfortable footwear and please carry ample drinking water and something to munch along, since its a slightly longish trail


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