Azim Khan’s tomb (Lado Sarai)

So here’s another mysterious, peacefully standing-in-solitude Tomb in Delhi!

AZIM KHAN’s Tomb: It’s hard to ignore this one for anyone passing by the Mehrauli area ..but still not many people are aware of the approach to this place. Join us as we take you atop this small pahaadi right opposite to the grand Ahimsa Sthal 🙂 Happy Exploring!!

Find it on our Heritage-films Map here!

Quli Khan’s Tomb (Metcalfe’s Dilkush) : Mehrauli Archaeological Park – Part 6

In this episode we explore Quli Khan’s tomb located at the core of Metcalfe’s Dilkush! As we climb atop the tomb we also get to see glimpses of Azim Khan’s tomb, Ahimsa Sthal, jamali Kamali mosque, Adham Khan’s tomb and the Qutub complex.  Happy Exploring 🙂