Sufi Rang

One of my favorite Sufi (fusion) compositions that I created in early 2011. Recently mastered  the track again.

The lyrics are as follows:

Lyrics by Hazrat Shah Niaz

Hori hoye rahi hai .. Ahmad jiyo ke dwar
Hazrat Ali ka raang bano hai ..Hasan Husain khilar
Aiyso hori ki dhum machi hai .. chahun or pari hai pukaar
Aiyso anokho chatur khiladi .. raang dinyon sansar
Niaz pyara bhar bhar chhidke .. ek hi raang sahas pichkar

होरी होए रही है अहमद जियो / जिया के द्वार
हज़रत अली का रंग बना है  – हसन हुसैन खिलार
ऐसो होरी की धूम मची है चहुँ ओर  पड़ी है पुकार
ऐसो अनोखो चतुर खिलाडी रंग दीन्हो संसार
नियाज़ पियारा भर भर छिडके एक ही रंग सहस पिचकार

Delhi Winters

A composition specially dedicated to the winters of Delhi 🙂

This track offers a fusion of Indian and Western folk sounds and rhythms.  The composition attempts to depict a typical winter-day in Delhi,  the National Capital of India.  From ambient pads and percussion to the beautiful sounds of Santoor and Sitar and the Punjabi Dholak beats, the track offers a wholesome experience of a New Age fusion of traditional and urban Indian music.

Delhi Winters” is internationally available for visual-media usage and can be procured from Transition Music Corporation, USA.