Asola.. once more :) with Delhi Karavan

On popular demand folks at Delhi Karavan hosted this nature-walk once again this week 🙂 Sharing some moments from the same..

Hijron ka khanqah – Jahaaz Mahal – Hauz-i-Shamsi – Jharna (Mehrauli)

The lesser known HIJRON KA KHANQAH (spiritual retreat for eunuchs), JAHAAZ MAHAL, a water storage reservoir with a divine connection HAUZ-I-SHAMSI and few more interesting places this final part of the MEHRAULI VILLAGE HERITAGE series !! Happy Exploring!

1857 Uprising: Kashmiri Gate and Neighbourhood

Join us as we explore the Kashmere Gate Area (New Delhi, India) in this video ..and the lives of various people and events associated to the REVOLT OF 1857. This place is a rich hub adorned with many hidden heritage sites associated to the revolt. In this quick film we’ll explore some of these like.. Nicholson’s Cemetery – Kashmere Gate – St. James Church – Telegraph Office Memorial – India Magazine – William Fraser’s bungalow – Bengali Club – Old St. Stephen’s College building – Fakhr ul Masjid mosque – Dara Shukhoh’s Library and much more. Cheers!