An Eid gift on this Dussehra :) A Power Qawwali !!

Hello fellow Musicophiles 🙂

Here’s a belated Eid gift..presenting to you on Dussehra !!
It was Eid last month. I felt like crooning a favorite Qawwali of mine, and so I did 🙂
As I sang, I just put my voice-recorder on. And today I just tweaked the recordings a bit, garnished it with a few more sounds & beats, and here it is.. an all new Lounge/PowerPop kind of rendition of this beautiful Qawwali.
I’ve tried and kept the sound a little unpolished and raw, to give a LIVE traditional Qawwali feel 🙂 Hope you’ll like it.

Mujhmein Har Rang Ab Tumhara Hai – A PowerPop rendition of a traditional QAWWALI
Music Production & VOCALS by:  ADITYA


Here’s the LYRICS text. I’ve also tried a scribbled the close English meanings that I could decipher.

منزل ملی، مراد ملی، مدعا ملا
سب کھچہ مجھے ملا جو تیرا نقش پا ملا
मंज़िल मिली,  मुराद मिली, मुद्दा मिला
सब कुछ मुझे मिला जो तेरा नक्श-ए-पा मिला
English meaning :
I got my destination, my wish, my purpose – I got everything when I got the trail of your foot prints (the way you went).
جب دور تک نہ کوئی فقیر آشنا ملا
تیرا نیازمند تیرے دار سے جا ملا
जब दूर तक न कोई फकीर-आशना मिला
तेरा नियाज़मंद तेरे दर से जा मिला
English meaning :
When this mystic coulldn’t find any shelter, this lover of yours has come to your doorstep.
مجھ میں ہر رنگ اب تمھارا ہے
اب تے کہ دو کے تو ہمارا ہے
मुझमें हर रंग अब तुम्हारा है ,
अब तो कह दो के तू हमारा है
English Meaning:
I am totally drenched in your colours now (I am just like your reflection now, there’s not even a sinlge trait of me in me now). Please now say that you are mine.
आलम-ए-शौक में न जाने क्यों ,
मैंने हर दम तुम्हें पुकारा है
English meaning:
In the moment of ecstasy, the ultimate bliss, I have always longed for you.
अब बताओ के क्या इशारा है

हम तो तेरे हैं तू हमारा है
English meaning:
Please now tell me what’s your command my master. (I now surrender). I am now yours and you are mine.
तू तो सब ही के पास है है मौजूद ,
कौन कहता है तू हमारा है
English meaning:
You exist everywhere, for everyone. Who says “you are mine!” ? (You are not just limited to just one individual or one community. It’s only you that EXISTs. Not mine, not his, not her’s…it’s just you and you everywhere.).
तेरे सदके में ये तमाम जहां
अपनी ठोकर पे मैंने मारा है
English Meaning:
In your love and devotion this whole world seems useless to me.
राज़ को राज़ क्यों समझते हो
राज़ दुनिया पे आशिकारा है
English Meaning:
It’s not a secret, not a mystical thing to know (true spirituality is not a mystical secret knowledge). It is the obvious, the unhidden and the only knowledge that is revealed and manifests in every sinlge thing of this cosmos. It is the whole..the total, right in front of us, inside us, outside us and beyond. We just need to have the vision and it is the most unhidden fact that exists.

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