Where Stones Speak – Book Launch and Heritage Walk at the Qutub Complex

Where Stones Speak – by Rana Safvi : Book Launch and Heritage Walk at the Qutub Complex

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When Shiva Smiles

“When Shiva Smiles” – I was privileged to be a part of the launch event of this book by Col RK Kapoor (debuting as a writer at 82!!) last evening. Came to know about some newer aspects of life and met some nice creatively blossoming people of yesteryears and today. I was also involved with the associated theme-song for the book for providing some Meditative elements and Mixing/Mastering the audio as well as creating a representative promo Video for the same.

Here’s the video :

Some photographs from the book-launch event can be found at the page here!

when shiva smiles 1 when shiva smiles 2


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