Where Stones Speak – Book Launch and Heritage Walk at the Qutub Complex

Where Stones Speak – by Rana Safvi : Book Launch and Heritage Walk at the Qutub Complex

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Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb – Mehrauli Archaeological Park (Episode 3)

In this episode we visit the Mosque and Tomb of JAMALI-KAMALI.

Shaikh Fazlullah (pen name – Jamali) was a Sufi mystic, a poet and a traveller from the early 16th century. One of his known works include a book, a kind of biography of various Sufi saints of Medieval India. Jamali was also the court poet and teacher of Sikander Lodhi and also early Mughal rulers of medieval times.

Kamali is popularly believed to be a close companion of the Sufi saint.

This mosque is a very good example of Indo-Islamic architecture and the tomb still houses within the original colorful tile and plaster work from medieval times!

We also discuss about the recent controversies associated with this place and see glimpses of the royal burial adjoining this Sufi shrine.

Jamali-Kamali is also known to be one of the haunted places in Delhi, however, we didn’t sense anything ghostly during our visit that day ..luckily 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy this episode. Happy Exploring!! 🙂

Books from Archaeological Survey of India + Sanskrit Books

If you love any/all of these .. SANSKRIT – HERITAGE – BOOKS – ARCHAEOLOGY ..here’s an interesting site for you – DOWNLOADABLE “Scanned Books from Archaeological Survey of India asi.nic.in collection Digitized at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA)” :

ASI books: http://sanskritdocuments.org/scannedbooks/asiallpdfs.html

Sanskrit books: http://sanskritdocuments.org/scannedbooks/asisanskritpdfs.html

When Shiva Smiles

“When Shiva Smiles” – I was privileged to be a part of the launch event of this book by Col RK Kapoor (debuting as a writer at 82!!) last evening. Came to know about some newer aspects of life and met some nice creatively blossoming people of yesteryears and today. I was also involved with the associated theme-song for the book for providing some Meditative elements and Mixing/Mastering the audio as well as creating a representative promo Video for the same.

Here’s the video :

Some photographs from the book-launch event can be found at the page here!

when shiva smiles 1 when shiva smiles 2


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