Teli Ka Mandir (video)

TELI KA MANDIR – A beautiful work of art, architecture and devotion, this temple stands tall within the Gwalior Fort complex. Noteworthy are the Khajuraho-like erotic figures all around the temple structure, our “360 degrees Heritage selfie” and grown-ups caught-on-camera ‘stealing’ berries outside the temple complex 🙂 Hope you’ll like this latest episode from our Heritage Exploration series! Cheers 🙂

Teli ka Mandir – Gwalior

Believed to have been built during the reign of Pratihara king Mihibhoj in around 8th or 9th century AD this temple is dedicated to the (Hindu belief) God Vishnu. The name “Teli” is believed to be a derivative/distortion of the word “Telangana” owing to its evident Dravidian influence. Another favorite from our recent trip to Gwalior 🙂

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