Sufi and Heritage Walk in Delhi : Sufi Shrines, Qawwalis, Sufi talks, awesome Sherbets & Food and more :)

Update: Here’s a video playlist showcasing this complete event held last year (Aug 2015) πŸ™‚


Drench your Mind, Body & Soul in everything SUFI !!

Folks at Explore Heritage have come up with this unique event Sufi and Heritage Walk: Hazrat e Dilli se ek Roohani Mulaqat on AUGUST 23, 2015 Β ..a day long soul quenching MusicalΒ Sufiyana Safar – roaming around along the courseΒ of Yamuna visiting lesser knownΒ Sufi Shrines – listening to live QAWWALIs by few of India’s finest Khanqahi QawwalsSufi talks and authentic Sufiyana Sherbets and Food!!

Here’s a video glimpse of what lies ahead :

More Info:

Facebook event:Β

Do join in for a unique experience!! πŸ™‚

Sufi Walk Glimpses

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