Qawwalis @ Hazrat-e-Dilli se ek Roohani Mulaqat

Sharing a playlist of 7 awesome Qawwalis that I witnessed at a Sufi event last month .. performed by Iftekhar Ahmed Qawwal and group. Enjoy 🙂

Links to individual Qawwalis given below:

  1. Mann Kunto Maula
  2. Allah Hu
  3. Dil ke har goshay mein tum ho
  4. Bekhud kiye dete haen
  5. Mera yaar baadshaah
  6. Sakhi kaise kahoon
  7. Bin sajan ke maen ratiyaan

Hope you’ll like these 🙂 Blessings for all!

Sufi and Heritage Walk in Delhi : Sufi Shrines, Qawwalis, Sufi talks, awesome Sherbets & Food and more :)

Update: Here’s a video playlist showcasing this complete event held last year (Aug 2015) 🙂


Drench your Mind, Body & Soul in everything SUFI !!

Folks at Explore Heritage have come up with this unique event Sufi and Heritage Walk: Hazrat e Dilli se ek Roohani Mulaqat on AUGUST 23, 2015  ..a day long soul quenching Musical Sufiyana Safar – roaming around along the course of Yamuna visiting lesser known Sufi Shrines – listening to live QAWWALIs by few of India’s finest Khanqahi QawwalsSufi talks and authentic Sufiyana Sherbets and Food!!

Here’s a video glimpse of what lies ahead :

More Info:

Facebook event:

Do join in for a unique experience!! 🙂

Sufi Walk Glimpses

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