Gurpurab Greetings :)

Close your eyes.. take a gentle deep breath.. n feel thankful to whosoever you’ve learnt anything from ..anyone whose deeds/lessons knowingly or unknowingly have made your life easier and have shown you the way 🙂 Greetings for Guru Nanak GURPURAB 🙂

And here’s a tasty ‘thank you’ to some ‘behind the scenes’ heroes who once helped us prepare some awesome Langar for those in need 🙂 Cheers n blessings for all!!

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Happy Diwali :) जश्न-ए-चिराग़ां मुबारक :)

Happy Diwali folks 🙂 जश्न-ए-चिराग़ां मुबारक 🙂

Mom’s Birthday today :)

It’s mom’s birthday today 🙂 Thanks to her for bringing me and sis Arunima​ to the world and for nurturing and helping us learn how to live 🙂

Well, apart from making “lives” she also creates everything else that makes life “full of life”! Sharing below some of her anything and everything that is LIFE! 🙂

Will look forward to your blessings and greetings..and looking forward to convey all your love and wishes to her 🙂

Good day folks! Blessings for all! 🙂

mom collage

Happy Children’s Day

“Only those who are like children.. will be able to walk into my father’s kingdom”, Jesus said 🙂 Spontaneous and Living right Now right Here..and hence Innocent, Lovable and True…that’s how a child is! Happy Children’s Day….and more than the greetings here’s a wish for the Child in us to stay for as long as we live 🙂 Amen!


Merry Christmas

May we all have the courage to just un-stop our LOVE within.. forget about expressing-accepting-rejecting…and just pour it out to one and all like an overflowing fountain 🙂 It does come back.. and you’ll overflow again. Let’s try doing so..and as Jesus said – “Knock ..and the doors shall be opened” 🙂 Amen.


Maa – Mothers Day Greetings

Having a MOTHERLY VISION is the sign of an evolved conscience. Not just for women, this value adorns & beautifies the outlook of a “Complete Man” as well. The world needs more such people. Glad you exist 🙂

Maa – Mothers Day Greetings