Jaane Kya Baat Hai – Acoustic Cover by Arunima & Aditya

Another favorite cover performed with sis 🙂


Original song credits:

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Music: R.D. Burman

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Film: Sunny (1984)

Kisi nazar ko tera intezar (Ghazal) : unplugged cover

Crooned this favorite ghazal recently 🙂

Original song credits:
Lyricist : Hasan Kamaal,
Singer : Asha Bhosle – Bhupendra,
Music Director : Bappi Lahiri,
Movie : Aitbaar (1985)

Khamoshiyan – unplugged :)

Crooned this one last night 🙂


Original Song credits:
FIlm: Khamoshiyan (2015)
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music: Jeet Gannguli
Lyrics: Rashmi Singh

Prithibita naki (Mohiner Ghoraguli) – with English meanings :)

Crooned this favorite song by Mohiner Ghoraguli ..with Sumit dada 🙂
The poetry is beautiful and reflects the modern day scenario beautifully (written back in 1980s I guess). I’ve tried to collate close English meanings also below. Hope you’ll like it! Cheers and best wishes 🙂


Close English meaning:

The world, in the hands of satellite and cable TV,
is now trapped inside the idiot box lying in our drawing rooms..
Sitting at home we can today contact anyone anywhere in the world..
National and international boundaries no more matter..
Aha haha..
But have you ever thought? Like stars are lightyears away from each other..
you and me are drifting away even farther slowly and slowly..
New faces keep coming and going in front of eyes intoxicated by the TV..
vanishing into fire on the screen just like insects..
Aha haha..
Sitting near each other and watching it together..
this isn’t togetherness.. this is actually loneliness..
You and me in this India’s/rented new net! Aha haha..
But have you ever thought? Like stars are lightyears away from each other..
you and me are drifting away even farther slowly and slowly..
This business of selling dreams ..
this isn’t the place for you and me..
It is rather deception ..a fraud!! Aha ha ha..
Come here.. better we look out from this open window..
maybe on a lost way.. at an unknown path..

Barle Boyosh (Acoustic Jam and English meaning)

Barle Boyosh – Latest acoustic jamming with Sumit dada 🙂 The original song is by the band Mohiner Ghoraguli. One of my favorite songs ..love the poetry as well.. it’s in Bengali .. but we’ve tried to include close English meanings as well! Thanks to my friend Deboshri for helping me with this! Cheers 🙂
We grow year by year in this human form
But are we really humane?
Can we sense the real conscience just by someone’s words?
It isn’t so easy to see the real face..
This deception is so scary..
That’s why I’d say..
It’s no lame feat to recognise the real person!
Extend a hand .. and you don’t always get friends..
Extend a hand.. and not everyone becomes a friend!
I’ve come a long distance now..
and I take this vow..
I’ll now be the enemy rather!
Those who laugh.. are they really joyous?
Can you really cry every time you feel like?
Tears beneath the laughter..
Sadness beneath the joy..
I’ll keep laughing with an open heart .. the devil may care!

Sis learns to strum :)

A proud moment.. my sis‘ first song with guitar 🙂 oh am so proud! 🙂

Late night jamming – Titliyaan :)

Titliyaan yaadon ki udti jaaein.. ‪#‎LateNightJam‬ ‪#‎Acoustic‬ #‎Unplugged‬ ‪#‎Jam‬ by me. Original song by my favorite band, STRINGS 🙂

Music at PBGT 2016

Sharing a few songs (live music) that we performed at GENESIS (PB’s Got Talent) – an annual Talent Show event at my workplace 🙂 Awesome experience it is ..always 🙂

Jamming by the hidden beach :)

A hidden Lake…loving Friends…and Music and even Dance… from our latest trip 🙂 Enjoy!!