My message .. in the times of a Pandemic!

Be HEALTHY. Be JOYFUL. CREATE. Stay Safe.. in that order! πŸ™‚

Friends – I am sharing this by experience and also by guidance from my #Life mentors! Mother nature has presently chosen to bring a lot of our man-made systems to slow down. With schools, offices and entertainment spaces shut, we are “home” …and suddenly we have a lot of “time” and several other worries postponed for some time.

We are all taking precautions and maintaining hygiene ..but we are also realizing that many of us are feeling “bored” because we are not used to being home and having time! I just want to share something w.r.t this matter.. something that has helped me during past few decades that I have lived.
In addition to the precautions and hygiene that we are maintaining externally, I feel that we must build up our IMMUNITY from within. And since we are now spending time in “unfamiliar” situations (ironic though, that ‘home’ feels unfamiliar!), this also causes change in emotions and behavior patterns. Hence, EMOTIONAL IMMUNITY must also be built.

Am sharing certain practices that have helped me, and some more folks around me, to build both physical and emotional WELL BEING below:

Note: involve children in all of these.. and the benefits grow multi fold πŸ™‚

1) BREATHING EXERCISES and simple BENDING and STRETCHING – simple practices like the popular anulom-vilom (breathing fully from alternate nostrils .. Google/Youtube it) and on-the-spot jogging or dancing and stretches help big time in both physical and emotional well being. For those who get better convinced with a regional/religious context, think of it as doing your yoga, dhyaan, pranaayama, sajdaa, sufi practices, soorya-namaskaar etc. mindfully and joyfully, and you’ll reap the same benefits!. BE GENTLE but REGULAR with these.

2) HAVING FUN and CREATING – create a piece of art, create a new dish, a fruit salad, sing songs, dance, paint, create an experience a new game, try out all the gadgets that you bought and seldome used..take out your camera, try editing a video, play with these Karaoke apps, put TikTok to good use, talk to people around you about their idea of having fun, listen to music, enjoy watching unplugged performances – e.g. singing and dancing auditions on Youtube, set your wardrobe, try DIY stuff, start a blog, do poetry, mimic a celeb .. HAVE FUN .. CREATE! It brings an instant “FEEL GOOD” and that in turn boosts up the immunity .. and you end up being more Creative and might realize a new Talent as well.

3) REDUCING intake of “Exaggerated” multimedia content – these mostly include experiences like TV NEWS, most Reality Shows, Crime shows, Political and Religious Rallies of any faith, Videos/Web-series based on soft porn, etc. Remember – REAL is always better and mother nature automatically balances it all and keeps a check – be it involving in real politics and affairs of the state, playing real games, participating in mutually joyful sexual experiences, involving in religious practices and rituals of faith along as these are REAL, it helps. But, simply watching these happen on TV/Social Media is addictive, never ending and doesn’t yield us any real fun!

I don’t have proper scientific explanations for these and I am just sharing these by sheer experience. I do like having logical explanations myself, but then a real mindful “experience” takes a precedence over any kind of ‘explanation’ for me personally. And I LOVE you.. so felt like sharing, as also guided by my spiritual mentors πŸ™‚
Be HEALTHY. Be JOYFUL. Be SAFE.. in that order! πŸ™‚
– Aditya Pathak

It is only a question of how to use everything, whatever it is, use it rightly. The disaster is great, the danger is great, but great is the opportunity too. – Osho


PB One in a Million 2016 – joyous moments :)

Some joyful glimpses from “One in a Million Day” celebrations at Pitney Bowes Software, Noida, INDIA πŸ™‚Β More about the event >> here.

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The Dark Knight Rises!

He he .. PLEASANT SURPRISES..the LIFE is full of πŸ™‚ Here’s CHAMGU Baby πŸ˜› a small little bat that paid us a visit yesterday while being chased by a crow!

chamgu collage

The Gotham City dude fell in our balcony.. mom saved him from the crow and offered him this basket which he/she happily entered πŸ™‚ I did some online research about how to mk the place cozy for a bat.. they like it dark, cool n a little humid..n more than food (insects) its important to provide them with water so that they don’t dehydrate owing to the large surface-area of their wings. By the time I returned home the dude was all fit and fine n ready for a flight. As suggested (on the internet) we released him after dark a little height above the ground (to save it from cats) ..n with a glide to help him get the initial thrust. The complete sequence was so unexpected ..n we forgot our small little tensions n rather got to learn about a whole new form of LIFE. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES..n it was so awesome to see it LIVE ..with dimensions way beyond a 3D movie πŸ™‚