Guided Sleep Meditation – based on Raatri Ka Dhyaan by OSHO Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh | 1 Hour

With a hope to assist our friends enter a nourishing DEEP SLEEP condition, here’s our latest Guided Meditation in Hindi 🙂 The vocal guidance is based on OSHO Bhagwaan Rajneesh’s discourse on “Raatri Ka Dhyaan (Night Mediation)” and also some simple YOGA methods that facilitate a deep sleep and relaxation.

More Meditation Music coming up :)

Perhaps the best ‘artist collaboration’ one can ever have 🙂 Recorded mom recently for our new meditation/healing music soundscape 🙂 She played the singing bowls and chimes ..awesome experience ..a special one indeed 🙂 Working on the mix and the video now.. will share soon @ our YouTube channel 🙂 Cheers n blessings for all! 🙂

mom meditation