Mom’s Birthday today :)

It’s mom’s birthday today 🙂 Thanks to her for bringing me and sis Arunima​ to the world and for nurturing and helping us learn how to live 🙂

Well, apart from making “lives” she also creates everything else that makes life “full of life”! Sharing below some of her anything and everything that is LIFE! 🙂

Will look forward to your blessings and greetings..and looking forward to convey all your love and wishes to her 🙂

Good day folks! Blessings for all! 🙂

mom collage

Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah – some moments :)

The dargaah complex..

DSC_0591 DSC_0593 IMG_0803 IMG_0804 IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0809 IMG_0811 IMG_0820 IMG_0827


A meditating cat 🙂

a cat.. in deep meditation  it just didn't bother to get disturbed by all the shutterbugs around trying to capture the moment
a cat.. in deep meditation it just didn’t bother to get disturbed by all the shutterbugs around trying to capture the moment

The local mithaai-wala at the basti (sweet shop)

IMG_0833 IMG_0831 DSC03282


The Qawwaals

IMG_0813 IMG_0812

Winds of Solitude (Music for Meditation)

The newest in our Meditation series – Winds of Solitude!

Instant Meditation .. Anytime .. Anywhere 🙂

Also, our complete meditation-music compilation is also available on the MEDITATION page now.

Some guidelines about the usage of these tracks:

  • Put on a comfortable pair of headphones OR play the music in a good surround sound speaker system (small earphones/speakers might not give a fuller sound)
  • Be in a comfortable posture
  • Close your eyes*
  • Breathe gently, preferably in sync with the music
  • Hit play, sit back and RELAX. Do not concentrate..just relax and listen to the various sounds in the track
  • Do not take this as a task.. just relax and let the music flow while you witness the same

The sounds are so designed to soothe you.. and if you co-operate with the music in the manner specified above, it’ll help even more. Blessings!

*PS: For those who prefer to keep their eyes open, we’ve added some simple visuals to the tracks..try and just witness the visuals and not analyze them 🙂